stuart murdoch
Stuart Murdoch was nice enough to call me up (on his birthday!) and chat about "Girls," "Jesus Christ Superstar," and (of course) his exciting new film.
There are things that you just read and it stays with you, and I think Harriet is just one of those kind of things.
Sure, I was passionate and motivated, but I suspect I was also a little "scary."
In his new book, ABC "Nightline" co-anchor Dan Harris describes what it felt like to have a panic attack in front of millions of viewers on live TV. He describes lots of other stuff in this interview.
The author of a new book about fertility delivers a hard truth: that biology doesn't always align with our rosy feminist ideals.
This is not the Andrew W.K. interview I was expecting to give you guys. It’s so much better.
job interviews
It’s 2013. Are we really still letting the color of someone’s hair dictate how well they can do their job?
grown up jobs
A few prickly interview questions tend to come up a lot in interviews. Here are four you should know how to deflect when an interviewer starts getting nosey.
tig notaro
Her legendary set talking about her cancer and her mother's death inspired Louis C.K. to call it one of the "greatest standup performances" he's ever seen. She says nothing matters -- and that's the point.
One of the candidates had just begun a 40 day yoga challenge. Another had just started a raw food diet. When it was my turn to answer, I told them I had recently started cooking at home more often instead of eating out. This was technically true, as long as you consider putting frozen pizza in the oven cooking.
nervous breakdown
A few weeks ago, I receive an e-mail with this subject line: "Hi From Good Morning America/ We'd Love to Talk with you Right Away!"
If you went in for an abortion today, would you know what to expect? Would you have any clue what the process would be like? Probably not.