Another part of me thinks she's being immature and if she wanted to fire me, she should have just done it by now instead of icing me out like a mean girl in high school.
you are the advice columnist
How long do you have to intern before you can ask your bosses about a real job and/or some credit?
women in the workplace
Initially, I was ecstatic; an extremely influential editor liked me!
From interns, for interns -- use these tips to get the most out of your internship.
I'm grateful for every stint. Especially the way-over-my-head, can-barely-stand-to-look-back-on-it ones.

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Life lessons straight from beneath the fluorescent lights of the Say Media xoJane hub.
You don't have to endure endless coffee runs to make it in fashion.
It's the first ever "What Do I Wear To:" Quickfire Challenge! Yeah, I've made that into a thing now.