Contrary to popular belief, fatness does NOT automatically imply poor health and should not be a discriminating factor to consider when supplying a person with insurance anyway.
No matter how careful I am during the day, in a cubicle, or in with a group of girlfriends at dinner, there is some part of me that knows when I am alone and I can and will buy and eat an entire box of Fig Newtons and a whole sack of Cheeze-Its.
If you had told my needle-phobic childhood self that I’d ever be begging complete strangers for a box of shots so I could inject myself at home I would never have believed it, but that was my life for months.
don't be a dick
Massive insurance companies can afford to keep throwing attorneys at cases like this, waiting for families to run out of energy and funds, and that’s what Progressive was hoping would happen here.
I'm so unclear about the rules with cars -- insurance, claims, laws, speed limits, registration, VIN numbers, tire pressure -- that you could run over my little two-door car with your Monster Truck and then tell me it was my fault, and I would probably believe you and apologize for the inconvenience.

Jan 31, 2013 at 10:00am | 66 comments