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I had never cheated before. I haven't cheated since.
A private e-mail is a private e-mail, until it’s accessed by a jealous girlfriend.
donald sterling
He was everything I never imagined I would be committed to; older and married, he clearly didn’t have much respect for people of color.
sex addiction
I never set out to break the girl code, but my habits won over my morals and with every drink, my inhibitions loosened.
cheating songs
Maybe those ARE the best songs about cheating cheaters ever, but I think we can do better.
Since the quest for a conventional relationship was clearly not working out for me, I decided in a moment of low self-worth, that I was going to actively seek out married men.
As I tried to understand his actions, I went on a rampage against the girl. I just wanted to make her pay.
I wasn’t cheating on you, I was cheating on a system which is fake and outdated.
Jezebel recently published the name and photos of the "woman who broke up Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore." I don't buy that.
ihtm contest
No doubt he represents himself as Mr. Squeaky Clean Role Model to the parishioners in his wholesome Midwest hometown. They just don’t know he’s really a kinky sex maniac who’s totally into coveting thy neighbor’s wife.
ihtm contest
John taught me that not every guy was like my husband. It was the push I needed to really see that life could be normal again.
One thing that happens when you move to the front seat from the passenger is that it leaves a space that's just waiting to be filled.
When Andrew came home, I had my life back, but it was a poisoned, distorted version of the happy life I’d thought we had.
I had a lengthy emotional affair that involved copious amounts of text messaging and elbow rubbing.

anonymous single girl
More coke, forgetting to eat, heroin, some lesbian stuff, becoming best-friends with some of the finest bartenders in town, more forgetting to eat, a guy with a really weird dick and a few declarations of love.
As my friendship with Alex grew, I was constantly overwhelmed with guilt about the secret I was keeping from her.
it just seemed like I had a schoolgirl crush, until I found myself drunk in his house, wondering what would happen if his wife came home early,
In almost every one of my relationships, at some point a condom showed up where it shouldn’t have.
I don’t like women purposely hurting other women.We need to stick together. But like I said: I did it anyway.
The kiss was intimate with a hint of danger. And it was happening just a few feet from where my boyfriend was discussing the merits of Jaeger bombs.
ashley madison
We got to ask her all our burning questions about body-shaming, sexuality and just what she'd like to say to those Ashley Madison execs.
Well, I NEVER DID. But seriously, women are way better at this.