TV news networks and major online publications need to shift their focus away from “OMG, a handsome white doctor is sick with a scary African virus!” immediately.
chronic fatigue syndrome
I feel a tremendous amount of guilt around how he married a lively, chatty, funny woman who was always on, always planning the next adventure and now he’s my carer.
crohns disease
This is for everyone who is feeling bad, even though it's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (tm). You're not alone.
Almost every doctor I went to see seemed to just go ahead and assume I was crazy before I even sat down, probably because I wrote or circled things on my forms like "Celexa, 40 mg daily," "Buspar, 30 mg daily" and "history of substance abuse."

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what the parenting books don't tell you
At this moment, I am so grateful for all of those emergency room visits and all those hours spent sitting next to puking strangers. Because right now, my son is sitting next to me, and there is not a single thing wrong with him.
I’ve learned that all I need to get through a situation is myself. And the only thing that can ruin me is death. Everything else is manageable.

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I couldn’t tell you how old I was when I learned to read or when we stopped practicing cursive in school, but I can describe the view from the upper floor of the Columbia-Presbyterian hospital parking garage in almost perfect detail.
Before I started getting high on the regular, I had to get past a whole bunch of mental bullshit.
I did what all terrified patients do in the time of a crisis. I bought myself a ton of cosmetics!

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crohns disease
I have Crohn’s Disease, an IBD. That basically means that when it’s bad, I can’t eat or drink anything without it a) making me hurt and b) making me go to the toilet (GLAM!).
cough drops
Just let me be sick without the guilt trip.

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Should I blame my swollen glands, achiness, lethargy, fever and chills on That Guy Who Licked My Feet the other day?

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