affordable care act
Those of you who have been following me on Twitter are probably already familiar with my battles with Covered California, because they have been pretty epic.
I’m not always a fan of hashtag campaigns, but in this case, too much fun was going on for me to maintain my usual stodgy position on such matters.
To suggest that even the mom cave is a place where women are essentially expected to do what they do all the time already is...rather odd.
breast cancer
Screw long-term outcomes or psychological stress or patient wellbeing: BOOBIES, YOU GUYS. BOOBZ!
I personally think that telling someone her face isn't acceptable is rude, even when it's done out of “concern,” but others disagree.
If I see/hear/encounter/smell/touch one more instance of this “we are all” bull-pucky, I swear on a stack of ice cream that I am going to lose it.
So, “Glee” did a school shooting episode. My first reaction was “Of course it did.”
During the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I piled into the back of a truck with some other kids at 5:00 a.m., paper bag lunch in hand, and rode to a wet, humid cornfield to earn some money.
Suddenly, a nearly instant gratification factor will be available through Amazon, and that removes an incentive to shop local and shop independent. Why buy in person when you can get it cheaper, and almost as quickly, over the Internet?
i am a crochety curmudgeon
Smile baby guy thinks he’s sergeant of the mood police, and it’s his job to keep things ship-shape and Bristol fashion.
My use of footnotes appears to have sparked quite a rebellion amongst the commentariat, which seems to be evenly split on whether they are excellent or an offense against nature. As a natural response, I got a tattoo.
There’s a lot of violence against women in the show, and it’s specifically violence against helpless, hapless women who need to be rescued by the nice police officers. I get quite enough of that sort of thing in my pop culture, thank you.
People often assume I’m feminist because of my politics, but I’m not, and when I point this out, people seem to think their assumption should be taken as a compliment.
There's something about dressing as a fantasy version of a person with a serious mental health condition that seems to get people extremely excited every October, and I can't quite figure out why.