you are the advice columnist
I am really upset about how this is playing out, particularly my husband's insistence that this is all no big deal.
Do you guys have any kitchen annoyances you would like to vent about?
you are the advice columnist
It may be funny with his friends but it is turning me way, way off. Really.
My husband is an at-home dad. He is hard-working, supportive, grounded, and he makes me laugh until I’m in tears. So, I now proclaim myself super-qualified to give advice on how to land a “real” man.
I never feel like there is something I can’t address directly with my husband, so I’ve never gone elsewhere to work it out.
I have just started exploring this aspect of my sexuality and I feel like a creepy old lady trying to have a threesome.
If you are related to me by blood or marriage, this isn't for you. Otherwise, enjoy the details of my real life sex fantasies!
I never thought I would succumb to the motherhood comparison game. But in the end, I was wrong. I did judge myself harshly. But it wasn’t against other moms. It was against my own husband.