nail art
Paint your nails in support of a strong city, then use those fingers to click through and donate to a good cause.
xoVain is growing, here's how to pitch to us. Also I'm finally trying out one of those peel-off masks.
home decor
I've figured out some inexpensive yet fancy ways to personalize your homestead.
Because the best characters in fairy tales are always the bad bitches.
Slightly gaudy, vintage California style is influencing me for Spring and Summer.
drugstore beauty
Despite having access to pricy palettes, I still reach for this cheap-o Rimmel shadow quad day after day.
Despite the fact that this was inspired by Jil Sander's Fall/Winter show, I think it's an awesome look to try for Spring (or like, right now).
I like Zooey Deschanel's hair so much, I decided to make mine look just like it. Plus, you can too with the help of my how-to video.

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Get the mod make-up look that's more "Alfie" than "Austin Powers".
I'm starting off a month of Halloween-themed tutorials with a beachy siren of the sea.
I'll show you how to create the winged eyeliner look using an unexpected method.
clean perfume
brigitte bardot
Pigtails can look hot, not infantile, if you follow a few of these tricks.
Get the tousled updo and old school glam make-up that were Kirsten's choice for Cannes
I PROMISE you that if you can do anything with a blowdryer and a brush, or if you can use a curling iron decently, you'll master the clamp and your hair will look better than mine for sure.

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