I figured, how hard could it be?
Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it can also prevent you from throwing someone else’s computer out the window.
This tutorial is all about mixing it up and taking your pendants to the next level.
Making your own jewelry with nail polish and findings is super duper simple.
Days spent by the seaside are the best, but what’s a girl to do when the sun starts to set and that ocean breeze becomes shiver-inducing?
As easy as it is to pick up some Sara Lee from the store, it’s even easier to make a good crust at home. It just takes a little science.
Three steps for basic T-shirt surgery.
Here is a quick tutorial to make your own mermaid tail and release your inner sea siren.
If it’s true that a book lover’s collection can never really be considered “complete,” then I’m (at the very least) approaching my quota.
public restrooms
“What’s your name?” The voice from the stall beside me persisted.
Almost everyone has a simple slip in their closet for layering, but could that sexy slip dress become a piece of clothing you can show off?
new shoes
A new pair of shoes can be super-exciting… and super-painful! Here’s how to keep your feet safe when you wear 'em.
I’m getting a little impatient to wear my favourite spring and summer pieces, and the Toronto weather isn't really cooperating, so I’m getting creative with layering.
If done correctly, sheer pieces add great texture to an outfit -- you just have to layer them right.
how to
Fluffy tulle skirts look like they're straight out of a fairy tale, but with the right outfit, they can add whimsy and magic to a modern look too!
Because sometimes I think I might be doing it wrong. Either that, or all this annoying flaky friend-fade-out business is just a California thing.
beauty tutorial
There was a catch. I had never learned how to maintain or style a haircut. Oh.
delicious delicious food
People, I promise you that with a few simple tools, you, too, can produce deliciously carnivorous dinners without flipping out. Put the pasta away, we’re about to shake and bake.
hair dye
My entire adult life, I’ve wanted to recapture a touch of that cobalt blue badassness I had for two hours before my mom made me wash it out.
how to
Who in the universe taught you it was OK to order a woman to go on a date with you while she’s trapped behind a counter and has nowhere to go and is trying to work??