As an experiment, I decided I'd l write up a profile of what I would actually say about myself if I were being 100 percent honest. Here's how guys responded.
love triangle
holiday parties
It’s that time of year. Joy and cheer and interrogative questions about your dating life and career choices from people you only kind of know and care about.
Today in stuff I feel irrationally guilt about: pretending online that things are cool when things are actually totally not cool.
I decided to start from scratch and write something that truly reflected who and where I am in my life right now. And that meant no trying to present some hyped-up, enthusiastic dater, all caps image of myself. It meant being brutally honest at all costs, and most importantly, real.
brutal honesty
I have so little patience these days with people who declare themselves to be “brutally honest” in the same world-weary, jaded way as someone gritting out, “I’ve been a political reporter in Syria for the last decade or so.”
I wish that I could have advised my younger self that it's better to get out of a relationship than to change yourself to stay in one.
I have spent many years refusing to say in so many words that my mom “left” my dad and me. But the fact of the matter is that she did leave, and she did not take me with her.

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dan wheldon
Sometimes it's hard to be sad when people make dangerous life choices.
You may have noticed that not everyone on xoJane agrees.
Sometimes it's better to just keep it to yourself.

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Courtesy of the Lands' End Biddy Committee. (Jane Pratt, I got your biddies right here.)

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Sometimes companies give us stuff, but that's not why we like them.