I ask you this, heterosexual women who use the term “girl crush” –- what is so wrong with someone mistaking you for being LGBTQ?
Against my better judgement I choose to entertain the foolery and pretend that maybe our differences didn't matter so much.
My dad can't hate the gays and still love me, right? Right?
When you say that one racist, homophobic asshat speaks for all of rural America, you’re insulting rural America. Because he definitely doesn’t speak for us.
street harassment
Everything I had been holding back for years suddenly came bubbling up to the surface. All the years of silently putting up with the the heart-piercing, debasing verbal assaults from guys like this. I was done. Before I knew it I found myself across the street, face to face with the guy in the polo shirt.
Perfecting the gateway into the subject of sexuality is tough. Say it too soon and you sound presumptuous. Leave it too long and you’re a tease.
how not to be a dick
Unsurprisingly, I experience a lot of dickishness at the hands of mostly well-meaning straight people. And so, I’m here to tell the rest of you mostly well-meaning straight people how not to be a dick to your lesbian friend.
open thread
A new interactive map tracks "hate speech" on Twitter over the past year, and the results look pretty much how you'd expect. Which is exactly why I'm suspicious of them.

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Hey, nothing like trying to make your college campus a better place and getting rape threats for your trouble.
Things I expected from LGBTQ night at our local hockey game: rainbows, ice fights, an LGBTQ-inclusive Kiss Cam. Things I didn't expect: strangers calling me a dyke.
michelle shocked
I published my first-ever piece with xoJane Wednesday, March 20 –- it details my own uncomfortable interactions with Michelle in 2011, in the course of trying to conduct an interview. And on Friday morning, Jane Pratt published a new piece that read to me (and some commenters) as an attempt to defend Shocked.
Here’s the dirt on our bizarre one-on-one interactions over the course of two-days at the Wild Goose Festival, an outdoor Christian music festival claiming to be LGBT-inclusive.
What should I care what Chick-fil-A thinks about my love life? I don’t care about theirs.

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Sexual discrimination is rampant in the NFL. And it's time for that to come to an end. NOW.
When it comes to getting celebrities, athletes, and the organizations that back them, to well, back down, GLAAD knows how do a hit job, but I wonder how effective the various censoring tactics are at creating real change.
During a recent drop-off at my daughter’s class, a mouthy three-year-old backed me into a corner peppering me with questions about why my kid didn’t have a dad.
What Kurek’s story illustrates is that so much of the fear, hatred, and bigotry in this world comes from a place of lack of knowledge and exposure, paired with bigoted teachings to reinforce divides between social groups.
Just after NFL players speak out supporting same-sex marriage, a college linebacker gets kicked off of his team for kissing a man.
It’s a dangerous world to be gay, for all that people seem to think we live in an enlightened and safe era.
conflict resolution
In 2006, Mitt Romney's administration refused to publish a Department of Public Health report on bullying -- because it mentioned "bisexual" and "transgender" people.
I know as the resident Issues Spice here at xoJane, you’re probably expecting me to tell you that Will Smith is clearly a horrible homophobe with no cultural awareness who should be told to go stand in the corner to feel bad.