On December 18, 1946, Steve Biko was born into South African apartheid. On September 12th, 1977, police killed him for trying to end it.

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red lipstick
In the 21st century, where tattoos and piercings are seen in many professional settings, why would red lipstick still raise an eyebrow?
weekend report
The fact that this is a movie about baseball should have meant I had no interest in it. But this is also a story that tries to capture a cultural watershed moment in history.
your outfits of the week
beauty tutorial
I hope you guys like underwear history because I put a lot of underwear history into your list.
being fat in the world
You are literally unprepared for this jelly.
ihtm contest
My favorite part of my internships hasn’t been the costumes, although I wish I could wear most of them every day. It’s the moments when I start talking to a little kid, and I see them become transfixed.
pink for girls
The underlying gender inequality issues that may be leading women away from pink clothes are not going to magically vanish by putting on a blue blazer in the morning.
Right now, I am sort of living the dream at work. Even though I'll never get to pee in Lucille Ball's toilet.
If you're NOT voting today, this is probably gonna totally guilt-trip you.
It's actually so easy to get this look, you'll have plenty of time left over to piss off the people of France AND try on shoes.