After being told he has six months to live because of an enlarged heart, 15-year-old Anthony Stokes was recently informed he would not be placed on the list to receive a life-saving heart transplant because of his history of “non-compliance.”
When I got the original tattoo (my third) a few years earlier as a spontaneous birthday gift for the husband, it hurt like hell.

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There are nights when I’m 
snuggling him before bed, and I can’t help but wonder how much time I’ll get with him.
Nicole was told her heart chakra was "burnt out like a light bulb."
I sometimes set off the security systems at the Gap and Barnes and Noble. I’ve also held up the security line at many concert venues around the tri-state-area. And please don’t pick me up in your Prius, as the ignition system has been theorized to interrupt pacemakers.

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