A group of psychiatrists recently found that your popcorn-eating techniques are indicative of your personality. But why stop at popcorn?
Many spices have amazing health benefits, and sprinkling them into things seems like a simple source for preventative medicine. Health care for the lazy, perhaps?
healthy beverages
I want to make it clear to my insides that we no longer believe in the motto, “Live Fast, Die Young.”
disordered eating
I'd estimate that at the end of the day, my diet consists approximately of 30% mooched work snacks and 70% congealed unsaturated fat covered with hot sauce, along with a couple of bunches of kale thrown in here and there. I carry around a lot of weird guilt about how unhealthy that is.
You guys wanted xoFood? Here's an absolutely banging, healthy recipe for starters. And it's MEGA CHEAP too!

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