New research looks at the connections between obesity and economics, and big surprise, it turns out things are more complicated than just "personal responsibility" and "eating too much."
The health of trans people is still a thing we should all care about.

Nov 19, 2012 at 2:00pm | 213 comments

mental health
If the son of a senator, someone with all the funds and resources in the world, is unable to access mental health care, imagine all the other people this is happening to who aren't making the news.
"And they’re looking at packages!" it snarled with a sneer. "Tomorrow comes healthcare! It's practically here!" Congress growled, with its coke fingers nervously drumming, "I MUST find a way to keep healthcare from coming!"
I'm not saying the Texas State Legislature is the only state government run by jerks who hate ladies. But I'm fascinated by their particular mesquite-flavored form of misogyny.
trans issues
Like most trans people, I’ve had to be strategic and creative in piecing together my transition.