trans issues
Like most trans people, I’ve had to be strategic and creative in piecing together my transition.
health insurance
I am paying $130 per month for the privilege of not getting health care.

Feb 14, 2014 at 11:00am | 242 comments

Contrary to popular belief, fatness does NOT automatically imply poor health and should not be a discriminating factor to consider when supplying a person with insurance anyway.
The company line: We nutty/depressed freaks often have highs and lows, after all. Clearly, we unhinged loonies could not be trusted to tell them when our meds work.
health insurance
Thanks to a couple of friendly letters from health insurance companies, I've recently learned I don't deserve to go to the doctor.
health insurance
My hospital record is thick. I actually had a nurse comment once, “Oh, you’ve been here before.” Yes, ma’am. A few times too many.
50 million uninsured
I can’t tell you how many medical issues I’ve just flat out ignored or waited out because the idea of seeing a doctor was not in the budget.
crying at work
I'm hoping to tap into what I can only imagine is a seething communal rage in regard to insurance companies.
capitalism is not your friend
Reform isn’t going to come about through capitalism and approaches rooted in the current system, because the system is broken.
health insurance
My experience of mental illness has been boring, and it’s been terrifying, but it definitely hasn’t been glamorous.
health insurance
I'd rather get a urinary infection in India or Thailand than in the US, or why this debate is about so much more than abortion.