This creates a separate -- and unequal -- treatment for trans versus cis people in the health care system, where trans people are being denied care not just for their transition-related medical needs, but also other, unrelated conditions.
affordable care act
Those of you who have been following me on Twitter are probably already familiar with my battles with Covered California, because they have been pretty epic.
rh reality check
U.S. abortion providers have become de facto social workers, fundraisers, and travel agents, to name just a few of their ancillary roles.
Welcome to the Golden State, where the rents are stratospheric, the burritos are delicious, and abortion is that much more accessible.
prison reform
Thanks to poor medical care across US prisons, a term in prison can become a life sentence, with states slashing funding and private medical firms competing to cut costs.
breast cancer
It’s one thing to obsess over whether or not I’ll develop breast cancer but it’s a totally different thing to officially know my chances are high or damn near definite.
health care
The stunning — and quite legally complicated — Supreme Court decision could lead to broad health care coverage for previously uninsured Americans. It’s also a huge win for women.
family business
I ask my brother Steve how he ended up working in a profession that is overwhelmingly dominated by women, nursing.
health care
I’ll never forget the 14-year-old kid who said he had dreams about shooting his aunt every night, or the one who wanted to know why rape was illegal. I was just a teenage girl who had panic attacks.
I don’t want my daughter to see me arrested, but I also don’t want her to know me as a zombie living in a haze of pain, or a blank opioid lump.

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capitalism is not your friend
Reform isn’t going to come about through capitalism and approaches rooted in the current system, because the system is broken.