In 17-odd years, the ways we tear down women in power haven't changed a whole lot. Goody.
having it all
With a happy family and a career, I generally feel like I've got it made. According to the current cultural dialogue, however, I do not "have it all" -- I have two halves that don't make a whole.
having it all
I don't even have kids and I'm struggling to keep my head above life's waterline.
feeling tired
Tiredness is not a goal. It is not a prize. It can be a byproduct of a job well done, but it can also be a sign that you’re too hard on yourself.
the jane dough
Have a cocktail and quit your whining. I’m about to reveal to you the formula for how to be a successful executive, a nurturing mother and an adoring and adored wife all at the same time, and I’m not 
charging you a dime.