Fanfiction is delicate territory. At best, people ask why I’m not spending time on my own stories. At worst, they think I’m the sort of mouth-breathing nerd mocked on late night talk shows and "The Big Bang Theory."
Here’s why I think Harry would’ve ultimately made a better match for Hermione.
nail polish
high price of being single
It hurts my heart to think of the sweet homeless kitties who would fit in so well into my warm, safe home, and the fact that I can't adopt them because boys won't like me.
F#%k snow. I’ll prop up my iPad and put on an animated snowy screensaver, and that will do fine.
According to a new study, women who watch a lot of romantic comedies apparently have unrealistic expectations about their love lives. Anybody else just hear that ominous thunderclap?
harry potter
Harry Potter is my jam, and going back in time to the first moment we met is something I'll happily do anytime, anyplace.
The Internet is coming for you. PLUS: Which one of you vixens has sold their underwear online to complete strangers? I COMMAND YOU TO BE HONEST.
Spoiler Alert! I have never seen or read any of the Harry Potter books/movies.