What’s with this whole short hair having to be styled to look cute thing?
Ponytails and messy buns get boring, so here are the more creative ways I've been getting my hair off my neck this summer.
teen movies
I can still remember every makeover scene, every outfit and transformation montage. Looking back, most of them don’t make any sense, but I was hooked.
Your lifestyle is directly affected by your hairstyle, but they can complement each other if you tell your stylist your priorities.
It's so much cuter than the boring ponytail I usually wear.
My rough and tumble, soccer playing, LEGO-obsessed, drum-playing seven-year-old still rocks his long curls. And for some reason, it completely throws everyone else off balance.
There are certain celeb looks that we can all agree are iconic, but I'm wondering what hairdos (no matter how random or quirky) really speak to YOU.
The Oscars are beautiful, but they are the least exciting event for beauty inspiration.
short hair
I’m cutting my hair shorter and shorter with each “trim” appointment, but I’m not taking the pixie plunge.
I guarantee multiple people will ask if it’s your real hair...and then not believe you.
natural hair
Every trip out the front door is a new encounter with some someone that has a problem with my hair.
Sometimes, I’ll see celebs with crazy interwoven styles and I'll think, “Oh, you fancy, huh?”
Sometimes, my mistakes and failures in beauty have forced me to come up with new hairstyles that became standards for me, so go easy on yourself, and have fun with it.
black hair
I’ve clocked hundreds of hours through-out the years brutalizing my hair and have finally figured this shit out.
And I'm not sure how I feel about them.

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Temporarily, that is. I have a weird forehead, you guys.
A video guide to getting this super quick-and-easy braided look.