hair salon
It pretty much boils down to using the right products for you hair, using good tools, and putting a little muscle into it.
short hair
I’m cutting my hair shorter and shorter with each “trim” appointment, but I’m not taking the pixie plunge.
I cut off all of my hair in a moment of pure, Felicity-esque insanity.
curly hair
I have had multiple beaus tell me to straighten my locks. And it was a ton of horseshit. My curly hair is BEAUTIFUL and I should own it more.
Advances in magical beauty technology mean that there are a stack of shampoos out there on the market containing gentler cleansing agents derived from corn, coconut and oats -- go forth!
hair products
I love this hair treatment so much that if it were a real person, it would have a key to my apartment and we’d be discussing birth control options.
This drugstore-priced hair powder has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. (Or at least my hair.)

Feb 24, 2012 at 11:00am | 162 comments