Slowly, my “100% straight” label peeled back to reveal something pretty queer underneath.
fat acceptance
Sometimes a shallow and facile understanding of a complex movement is just fine. And sometimes you need to spend some more time on Wikipedia reading up.
plus size models
I have a hard time being mad at Tara Lynn -- she's not an activist and she's soaking in the fashion world.
clean food
Or that time I worked out with a celebrity trainer and she said some kind of messed-up stuff.
fat fitness
The fitness industry can be a pretty harsh place for people like me; it has been difficult to call it “my” industry and truly feel a part of it.
I find myself losing patience more and more with pronouncements from larger fatties that THEIR bodies are plus size bodies while other bodies don't count.
The concentrated messaging the instant you walked through the door was that fat women could also be stylish and sexy, dammit, and if you didn't believe in the possibility of that, you were in the wrong store.
fat acceptance
Professor Geoffrey Miller has been introduced to the swift sword of Twitter outrage -- but is it really about his fat hate?
how not to be a dick
Come on, it wouldn't be xoJane if someone didn't write this one up.
food science
Food science is cool and all, but it doesn't know everything. Including how many calories are in that snack pack.
being fat all over the internet
Fat-hating bullies make me teeth-grittingly angry. I think they make this fat news anchor in Wisconsin angry as well.
Pro tip: there’s a right time to go back to the gym and it isn’t when you don’t have any hemoglobin.
When I saw that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is proposing that American Airlines charge $10 for the privilege of sitting next to a vegan, I had to laugh aloud. I mean, have these people seen my shoulders?

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