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I got a new IUD put in. It didn't go that well.
A routine check up at the OB/GYN could not be that complicated, I reasoned. Besides, nowhere in the United States does a specialist visit cost $16.
And why we don't really need to shave vaginas for childbirth anymore.
The first time one of my doctors made eye contact with my crotch, she made a face like she'd just forcibly swallowed down vomit. And she wasn't my only negative gynecologist experience.
Every now and then something surges inside me and I think, that’s a feeling. But then it goes away.
While we are all on the topic of those people who get paid to go into our vaginas, let's just declare April Vagstravaganza Month. Or a better name you come up with.

Apr 16, 2012 at 4:00pm | 127 comments

This past week has brought my lack of knowledge (and my embarrassment level for said lack of knowledge) for the inner workings of your parts down there to light.

Apr 15, 2012 at 8:34pm | 30 comments

We deserve more than the crappy fluorescent lights and cold steel speculums and the brusque, no-nonsense doctor behavior.
I have been to the see my gyno, who I have in my phone as “Vag 911,” five times in the past six months.
cervical cancer
She does, however, appreciate all the cards and flowers…
I don't usually wear my heels while in the stirrups, but my gynecologist thought it would be funny.