My dog accidentally fractured his leg and I finally released myself from guilt.

May 16, 2013 at 12:30pm | 165 comments

american apparel
I love American Apparel! Almost as much as I love lounging around in shiny gold underwear with porny lighting, a scrunchie ponytail, and my butt in the air.
Am I alone in the ever-evolving guilty feeling that I'm not communicating with my parents enough?
Even if I'm not actively thinking about all the ways I'm screwing up, the guilt is lurking there in the background.
I used hypnosis to clear all the guilt and anger I felt about my childbirth experience, and it worked. Plus, I hugged myself and cried a lot.
female orgasmic disorder
Female orgasmic disorder is generally believed to have psychological causes, such as a history of abuse, anxiety, depression and lack of self-esteem. And guilt.
beauty products
I had a baby with my ex-boss's ex-husband (& it's ex-tra complicated).