At 13, I love rice cakes because they are so featureless, so unlike actual food. They taste like nothing.

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you are the advice columnist
How do I become less passive aggressive and more constructive?
My dog accidentally fractured his leg and I finally released myself from guilt.

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I used hypnosis to clear all the guilt and anger I felt about my childbirth experience, and it worked. Plus, I hugged myself and cried a lot.
Even if I'm not actively thinking about all the ways I'm screwing up, the guilt is lurking there in the background.
Am I alone in the ever-evolving guilty feeling that I'm not communicating with my parents enough?
american apparel
I love American Apparel! Almost as much as I love lounging around in shiny gold underwear with porny lighting, a scrunchie ponytail, and my butt in the air.
I had a baby with my ex-boss's ex-husband (& it's ex-tra complicated).
female orgasmic disorder
Female orgasmic disorder is generally believed to have psychological causes, such as a history of abuse, anxiety, depression and lack of self-esteem. And guilt.
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