I found myself particularly intrigued by Lay’s Chicken & Waffle flavored monstrosities after a friend described them as “cinnamon toast crunch with a ramen packet sprinkled on top.”
Because my ego is disproportionate to my worth, I felt like I couldn't disappoint “my public.” I Googled “edible bugs” and ordered some from Thailand in a manner that was most cavalier.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If your sensibilities were at all offended by Pizza Hut’s Crazy Cheese Crust Taste Explosion, turn back now. This is way more upsetting than that.
gross food
I was told I could get an Apple Pie McFlurry by the internet. I was told I could not get an Apple McFlurry by Diane, my neighborhood McDonald’s cashier.
Since the peanut butter and pickle sandwich post, lots of folks have been suggesting weird sandwiches for me to eat. You know what? You guys are freaking gross.

Jan 24, 2013 at 2:00pm | 170 comments