Almost every doctor I went to see seemed to just go ahead and assume I was crazy before I even sat down, probably because I wrote or circled things on my forms like "Celexa, 40 mg daily," "Buspar, 30 mg daily" and "history of substance abuse."

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family history
I’m at a weird place in history, as are many of my female peers; I am the first woman in my line who has such a dramatically free reign over her destiny and her place in the world.
Respect your elders ... and their advice.
My grandmother, who has lost groups of friends each decade, is not afraid of being alone in the frivolous "I don't want to break up with my boyfriend before my birthday" sense that I was. Instead, she faces being mostly by herself and increasingly scared, every day until she dies.

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Terrell Owens admits his grandmother beat him. However, he also gives her all of the credit for his success and, seemingly, none of the blame for his failures.