Let’s say you met me out and then you went home and Googled me. Maybe that would be a deal-breaker for you. Maybe you’d feel jealous. Maybe you would think these photos meant I was an exhibitionist of some sort and you would expect me to be an exhibitionist for you.
google glass
I wanted to wear the device on a full-fledged, real-life, real-stakes date and see what happened. This is that story.
On Wednesday, Google decided that its US users were apparently all diaper babies who couldn't handle seeing accidental breasts now and again. Is this censorship, or am I just being an oversensitive perv?
Google recently pressured popular site TV Tropes into removing all mentions of rape from its trope index. But that won't just make the trope go away.
postpartum anxiety
If my imagination wasn’t enough, the internet fueled my postpartum anxiety. Google was a sick, addictive slot machine of possible life terrors that could harm my baby, the stuff of Steven King’s next chilling bestseller, "CHILDBIRTH."
This week, Marissa Mayer was named Yahoo's new CEO. Did I mention she's not just pretty -- she's pregnant, too? Cue Internet explosion.
dumb things that entertain me
For some reason, I just discovered that the Google Docs demo gives the impression that six famous authors are collaborating with you on your masterwork. Naturally, I used it for NC-17 rated purposes.
Lady Gaga & Google are friends with many benefits. NO, NOT THAT KIND.

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The Google+ social mothership has landed! Do you believe the hype? Please join us for our OPEN THREAD THROW-DOWN!

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Google, please! Collecting gender information on G+ for grammatical reasons is the weakest sauce I've tasted all year.

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