sophia loren
Whenever I am feeling frustrated with my wardrobe or makeup, I turn to these timeless basics, from an Academy Award winning woman of style, grace, and substance.
Right now, I am sort of living the dream at work. Even though I'll never get to pee in Lucille Ball's toilet.
dita von teese
Nothing great comes without risk, and only the very mediocre are safe from being poked fun at.
You’re going to need a few things to get my goth-y Mansfield look: a thick curling iron, heavy duty hairspray, a dress to show off all them curves and swerves, and some dark and daring makeup choices. Let's get started, divas.
This wedding season, skip the beaded strapless number and go for something you would wear in real life.
My favourite products that will make you feel like an old-school, glamorous, grown-ass woman.