In many ways, our best friends are our first loves, so here are some of my favorite platonic love stories.
Doctors are suddenly very interested in my personal life the minute I tell them I am not worried about preserving my fertility.
Being friends with the women I'm attracted to is not a duty; it's a privilege. I don't hold them responsible for their own non-attraction to me, or privately begrudge them dates with others.
you are the advice columnist
Throughout my life, I've experienced deep love and deep rejection from women.
I feel bad about my body a lot. I will try not to talk about it too much, but if we are together for like a year I'm probably eventually going to say something about how fat I feel.
the frisky
I’ve fostered toxic friendships with all the classic “types” that my friends have dated (and regretted dating): the manipulator, the sad sack, the emotional vampire, the drama magnet, the mean girl.
Because sometimes I think I might be doing it wrong. Either that, or all this annoying flaky friend-fade-out business is just a California thing.
This girl wanted to do something nice for her boyfriend, so she posted about it on AskReddit. Uh-oh.
Women’s friendships, especially in adulthood, are perhaps the most complicated, peculiar and delicate match-ups of all.

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embarassing pictures from my youth
Have you ever had a friendship that took over your life?