This father, sitting with his two impressionable young sons, chose to voice his apathy with a shrug.
Aren't we all a little confused when it comes to the right or wrong way to date in the 21st Century?
How about the ladies all get to relax and we let men play nice for a change?
one of the guys
unpopular opinion
Peering into the grocery carts of the women that surround me I wonder, how lazy or busy does one have to be to not be able to cook your own oatmeal without the help of a microwave?
the frisky
The very fact this question occurs to me is a sign of just how skewed the thinking is on mental illness in this country: my mind is framing it, even if unintentionally, as a personal weakness
This is probably a big reason I don’t have children of my own: I don’t want to have to share.

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No really though, feminists, you’re to blame for the utter destruction of society, and it’s time for normal women to start fighting back. That fight starts with gender essentialism, so it should be pretty easy!
Magic Mike: It’s a great movie, one that reimagines tired gender roles in new and interesting ways.
My wife often makes more in a day than I make in a month. The difference is that she doesn’t turn it into a hostage situation.
being an adult
I had to figure out how to take over our finances in a way that didn't make me feel taken advantage of or make Ed feel like he was being emasculated.
Like Nina Simone sang: holding back ain't gonna do no good.
alison bechdel
Or how I learned to stop worrying and love my declining fertility.