To ask if one "can be a feminist and" positions feminism as a question of individual choices.
cece mcdonald
If CeCe McDonald had been a white woman who had successfully defended herself from a group of drunken attackers threatening rape and violence, she probably would not be in jail right now.
gender politics
The Vatican is pissed at some nuns for focusing too hard on helping to combat poverty. PRIORITIES!
black ops
Military first-person shooters are not exactly known for being a hotbed of radical feminist activity. And this is probably not going to change anytime soon.
booth babes
I’d love to see more women at each con I attend. I just want them to be there as actual attendees or developers, not human props.

Mar 23, 2012 at 1:00pm | 66 comments

electoral politics
Do you judge a candidate by his or her spouse? I do, kinda.
Several US newspapers have refused to print a series of comic strips dealing with abortion rights and transvaginal ultrasounds. What does this mean for our critical thinking skills?
gender politics
What little I knew about orgasms was culled from the copies of Cosmopolitan I routinely pilfered from my mom, something I’d been doing for quite awhile before I found myself blinking at the Garfield poster on the wall opposite my bed, trying to process what had just taken place.