In a recent poll, 59 percent of people asked said they believe women are, generally, better writers. (We like those people.)
aging parents
A new study says sons can barely be bothered to give their elderly parents time and attention when they need it most.
Such commentary spreads lies and misinformation which makes it harder for trans kids to access treatment and respect.
The first time I wore makeup, I was 17, in college, and being interviewed about a graduate student strike on a local television station.
Maybe it’s a stage. And maybe it’s not. But either way, I don’t want him to ever feel like he wasn’t able to express himself because his parents didn’t support him.

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trans issues
An interview with Geena Rocero on gender acceptance, the fashion industry and being a new face of Marriott's LGBT-friendly #LoveTravels campaign.
Historically, people believed that it was possible to "naturalize" intersex children into a binary gender. Today, thinking on this issue is very different.

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Nothing quite gets to me like walking into a restaurant or store and being greeted with, “Hello, Ladies,” especially when the person I’m with is male identified.
It's a fast-shrinking group of people who still find the tale of the bold white man to be the most thrilling and relatable one available.
It's important to avoid conflating non-binary sex and gender identities with being born intersex, as these are very different identity categories.
Being a black woman is great. But being a black woman on social media can be a pain in the ass.
When I was 8, I "confused" people with my gender too. Fortunately I didn't go to a school bent on forcing me to fit a narrow definition of acceptable girliness.

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unpopular opinion
Here's a radical idea: instead of creating one new female character out of whole cloth, why not just change the gender of half of the existing characters?
A lot of folks are very concerned lately that this habit is ruining our young women by making them sound like air-headed insecure simpletons. I strongly disagree.

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To maintain my crochety curmudgeon "Never happy with ANYTHING" status, I'm required to tell you that these changes aren't perfect.

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the good men project
It felt sort of ick that the Beastie Boys seemed to be trying to stop the re-appropriation of their song to such a great cause. But there's a reason for it.
street harassment
Everything I had been holding back for years suddenly came bubbling up to the surface. All the years of silently putting up with the the heart-piercing, debasing verbal assaults from guys like this. I was done. Before I knew it I found myself across the street, face to face with the guy in the polo shirt.
thought catalog
At what point does “privilege” become “abuse”?
How about the ladies all get to relax and we let men play nice for a change?
gender changes
I saw something I shouldn't have seen. In a tiny box in the corner of a page of lab test, were the letters “XY."