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I am an alumni of Gordon College who wants to speak out on this issue without outing my old roommate — which would happen if I posted under my own name.
coming out
For a few years I prayed to be straight, every night as I cried in my bed. Eventually, I started praying to die in my sleep.
Chances are, straight parents, one day, your kids will ask you about gay people.

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The world was a hostile, scary place because not only could you be murdered by those whom you trusted most, there would be those who would celebrate such a thing.
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Shockingly, people are upset that I'm not the gay best friend of their dreams.
While most of my friends don't give a hoot about my sexual preferences, what many don't realize is that unless I out myself, I'm going to be assumed to be straight.
This is not an article about bisexual, pansexual, or women whose sexuality comes at a particular perpendicular slant. This is an article about straight girls who are down to fuck girls and the lesbians who love flipping them.
Growing up to be a lesbian seemed like something that just didn't happen to regular people, like growing up to be a fairy princess.
No, YOU'RE crying about LGBT acceptance in professional sports!
Things I expected from LGBTQ night at our local hockey game: rainbows, ice fights, an LGBTQ-inclusive Kiss Cam. Things I didn't expect: strangers calling me a dyke.
I tend to go for pretty-ish guys who dress nicely and, inevitably, possess characteristics considered effeminate by my friends.
A member of the majority using the possessive about any member of a minority is always, ALWAYS a social faux pas.

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Gay magazine The Advocate did a write-up of the 15 gayest cities in America, and people are piiiissed -- mostly because its criteria rely on a very specific stereotype of LGBT person. Seriously, I refuse to believe the Whole Foods in Tacoma, Washington makes it a gay mecca.
It was like the clouds parted and delivered directly to me my own personal dykey softball coach angel to help guide my misguided ass through all the pain and confusion and awfulness of being young and gay.
I’m gay, not a sexual deviant. Explaining my sex life is getting exhausting.
After a string of LGBT teen suicides in Anoka, Minnesota, a gay youth group tried to start the healing process by marching in the annual Halloween parade. No dice.
What Kurek’s story illustrates is that so much of the fear, hatred, and bigotry in this world comes from a place of lack of knowledge and exposure, paired with bigoted teachings to reinforce divides between social groups.
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We’re right in the middle of Pride Month, and just in time, American Apparel has announced a new Partnership with GLAAD, AND introduced their first transgendered model.

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Last week, Josh Weed came out as gay on his blog. This isn’t really a big deal on the Internet, except for these facts: Josh is a Mormon. And he’s married to a woman.
Quick! Pop quiz! What percentage of the American population identifies as gay or lesbian? If you're like the average American, you're probably WAY overestimating.