flowers in the attic
Having a great time in the attic! Weather looks like it’s possibly beautiful! Wish you were here! Love, The Dollangangers
When it comes to handling tantrums, counting to 10, cooling down, and all the other tricks needed to handle kids growing into themselves, some of us crazies are old hands.
brain weasels
Being mentally ill means that I am more likely to be shot by police. I am more likely to be raped or assaulted. I am more likely to be institutionalized, to be condemned as an unfit parent, to be denied employment or fired.
I am being careful, here, to talk about how and why I cut, because as a former cutter, I know how intense reading pieces like this can be.
A strange feeling went through me at this news; a sort of pang that took a moment to identify. I realized I was sad. I was sad that I couldn’t drink beer anymore.