Apparently almost everyone who was there has a much better memory of a drunken me cussing someone out in French than I do.
Perhaps the most surprising thing about my first trip to France some years ago was discovering how light much of French food is. However, this is not one of those dishes because F that, we're suiting up for winter.
My vagina was giving off the attitude of a vagina that spent summers in Italy, taking many handsome lovers, and not a vagina that spent the majority of its time walking to work in the rain.
While it’s cool to know that being bilingual has scads of smarty-pants benefits, the study overlooks many other things that are awesome about knowing more than one language. But don’t worry -- I’m here to help with five more!
The Anglo-French actress has been inspiring both my beauty and fashion choices lately.
bitesized languages
For all people who hope to someday live up to their Netflix queues and be the kind of women who learn French, eat half-off sushi and read Emily Bronte.