public libraries
I’ve held a library card in every city I’ve lived in since college.

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beauty products
Cat, Hannah, Phoebe and I all weigh in. Read on!
Yesterday we announced the 10 winners of our JewelMint giveaway - have you checked yet to see if you're one of them? Here we go again!
because i love you
Plus, you get to have experiences like “HOLY CRAP JAY ASHER JUST RETWEETED ME.”
These 10 lucky ladies are about to meet the T-shirts of their dreams.
We love you and we want to give you free stuff all of the time. Everyone will love these versatile, über-soft, totally modern looking tees.
banana republic
These 10 charmed ladies are on their way to cozy, cable-knitted bliss!
My friend Kathy is so passionate about glitter she spearheaded a pro-glitter rally (and charity fundraiser).
banana republic
In return for all your help with what Jane should wear on TV, here's how to win your own FREE sweater.

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