disordered eating
It wasn’t until months after I left OA that I finally challenged the validity and utility of my “Eating Disorder” label. Is identifying myself as an “Eating Disordered” person for the rest of my life really serving me?
food guilt
Feeling hungry conveniently meant I wasn't feeling anything else.
antidiet tips
Listen to a fat lady and unf*ck your eating habits! YES REALLY.
My grandmother, Flossie, died from anorexia in her 70s, but it wasn’t until I got to college that I realized how many little things are ingrained in me from this experience of loving someone so much who did not love herself.
container gardening
There's this tendency in America, particularly within DIY circles, to romanticize farming. Let me make it clear: Farming ain't all that bucolic, y'all.
You don’t need to feel guilty for what you choose to eat, and you have nothing to make up for, and no reason to apologize. You don’t need to titter and say “Well, maybe just a little bit more” when someone offers something you want to eat.

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body politics
Cake isn't evil, no matter what this commercial may tell you. Believe me, I am an expert on this.