almost famous
Many girls I knew idolized Penny Lane, the golden-haired “band-aid” who enchanted the rock stars. They wanted to be her. Me? I wanted to be William Miller.
I didn’t expect that sexism would be such a prevalent issue in nerd culture. It surprised me that this blatant, unfair exclusion was being practiced in a culture that was pioneered for and by outcasts.
oxygen tank
With one paralyzed vocal cord, ulcers all over my throat, and my new sidekick made of tin, I wondered how in the world I would be able to sing again.
In my experience, music shops are almost always exclusively masculine environments staffed by embittered know-it-alls who treat is as a personal insult that you don’t really know very much at all about the instrument you’re attempting to play.
how not to be a dick
Playing instruments under hot lights isn’t super comfortable. Please don’t make women feel like they need to wear a hoodie in order for you to pay attention to something other than their bodies.