The truth is, we need one another, especially when our lives are complicated and difficult. Why make things harder by being needlessly cruel?
cats are awesome, dogs are awesome, science is awesome, and feelings are awesome - LET US COMBINE THEM ALL INTO ONE AMAZING ARTICLE.

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ladies aren't here to look pretty for you
Maybe people would stop saying “I’m fine” if they were allowed to admit that no, they’re actually not fine, but they’re not in a position to deal with it just yet.
We don't live in a feelings vacuum where people are completely unaffected by each other, no matter how many comments people leave to that effect.
I'm a perfectionist, a straight-A student and a former cheerleader. I created the plastic version of myself: bubbly and smiley with a refusal to fail.
mental health
Sometimes my body gets numb and I forget that I'm a human being.
how not to be a dick
If I want to bottle up my feelings, for the love of god, let me bottle them up.
mental health
Oh, by the way, this is THE WORST POST I'VE EVER WRITTEN.
It's hard to separate genuine desire from desire to please in little girls socialized to find value in objectification, hard to unlearn games you've been playing since before you could emotionally comprehend them.
A "Senior List" at a high school in Missouri details the sexual habits of teen girls. Guess what, teen girls? You do not have to be defined by the tiny fraction of your life that is high school.
If dreaming about flying means you want to have sex, what does dreaming about crashing mean?

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ceo of hiddleston pants enterprise
According to a Forbes columnist, that glass ceiling would just up and disappear if only women's FEELINGS weren't getting in the way!
Dudes! They're the best.
Am I the only one who's always waiting for the other shoe to drop?
Argh, you guys! Feelings are the worst.

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Only we can prevent girl-on-girl crime!
Ask me anything, except these three things apparently.
When this non-famous person showed up to a baseball game in a Giants' jersey, fishnet stockings, and very little else, I didn't expect to be bullied.