Clothing swaps are never any fun for me, because no one there is my size.
being fat all over the internet
Let me get this straight: a student can die of an asthma attack in a public school because there’s no nurse on duty, but schools have the time, and funds, apparently, to harass their fat students.
Lashing out at thin women to tell them they aren’t wanted isn’t the way to address disparities and prejudices in fashion.
In other words, “Even though diets don’t work, you should keep dieting.”
consumer protection
Behind the Lap-Band billboards lies a sinister and sad tale of people exploiting fat hatred and fear of fatness for cash. A lot of it.
The thing about being fat is that you turn into public property. You are an object, not a person, and this makes you fair game for being shredded.
being a good person
I'm on a fat people mailing list and, every new year, there is the same discussion. It's the gleeful discussion of how people's new year's diets are doomed to fail.