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Be warned, this post is about fat-shaming and weight loss, and it includes specific discussions about weight. (On the other hand, read on if you've been dying to know how much I weigh.)
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Fat-shaming has been a popular topic on this site, and I’ve avoided the topic like an out of state parking ticket, but I have something to say, now.
fat shaming
To those who think shaming overweight people will “inspire them” to change, you’re dead wrong.
fat shaming
Growing up fat in a thin-obsessed culture led me to a case file at the hospital that is more than 2,000 pages long.
Yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it? A Texas hospital is refusing to hire staff over a certain BMI threshold. I'm telling you why this is a dumb idea.
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Most people have meant well and tried to offer comforting words and support to my family during this difficult time. Of course there is always that one person who just doesn’t know what to say.
If all he’s ever cared about is whether I’m happy or not, why should I not extend him the same consideration?
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America just shamed a man into surgery because we told him he wasn’t good enough the way he was.
In which I am shaming the show that shames the fat shamers. VENGEANCE IS MIIIINE.
fat shaming
I’m an only child and she’s divorced from my dad. I just need help getting through to her.
Even if I did eat a bucket of pancake-flavored ice cream for breakfast, burrito ice cream for lunch, and salisbury steak ice cream for dinner (OMPH GROMPH GROMPH), I still shouldn't have to justify my existence to the world.

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Using health as a smokescreen allows people to attack fat kids while looking virtuous.
fat shaming
I've taken to Twitter to get solicit some carefully composed thoughts on Betty's weight gain. Or just to hear a lot of fat jokes.
A UK hospital is teaching its employees to be more sensitive to their fat patients by making them wear a fat suit. Unfortunately this noble effort undertaken in the best of intentions is totally freaking misguided and rooted in the same assumptions that cause problems in the first place.
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The new family-friendly Scooby Doo movie, “Frankencreepy,” curses Daphne by making her fat. What kind of message does that send to our kids?
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The positive attention took a few forms. One woman told me she that she liked seeing “big girls” in dresses, because we look great in them.
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