belle knox
aberrant sex
You can keep your Mr. Darcy -- I'll take Boo Radley, if you please. I like my strange, strange.
I'm trying to remember what women did back before "50 Shades of Grey" taught us how to fantasize.
My orgasms are a politics-free zone.
And I really, really, really hate him, you guys.
The hot second you indicate to a dude that you think threesomes are sexy and might, in the absolute RIGHTEST of right circumstances, be open to maybe sort of VAGUELY considering having one or something like one, they will never, ever shut up about it.
How do you know that something you're fantasizing about should be explored, and when it should remain in your head?
being fat in the world
When I read recently that running on a treadmill can make you fat, it was a quiet shock to the guts like the one I get when I finish eating a personal pizza and discover that I've eaten nine servings in under five minutes.
I’m busy trying to fix my face into an expression that could read as either horny or wary, because if he likes it, I don’t want to make him feel gross about it, and if he doesn’t, I don’t want him to think I’m into it, god, no.
If you are related to me by blood or marriage, this isn't for you. Otherwise, enjoy the details of my real life sex fantasies!
dr. keith ablow
My marriage is more of a Fritz-The-Cat-X than a Last-Tango-In-Paris-X, by choice and nature, but I’m all for adult education.
bang bus
Every part of my sexual life philosophy until this point has hinged on one fundamental belief: that as a woman, getting laid will always be super easy, which means I shouldn't have to spend any time, effort or money making it happen.