We spend way too much time policing other parents and not enough time helping other parents and their kids.
you are the advice columnist
I feel like not sending any acknowledgement of their marriage will be rude. Do I rise above the snub?
Here's my response to the person who said "No one wants to see this" about my breastfeeding photo.
My boyfriend was a flirt, but could he actually be sleeping with someone else? And if so, why was I the only one who couldn’t see it?
family drama
My bank account is a constant reminder that I only have one parent and that the other one is never coming back.
I was baffled that he wouldn't stand up for me. I don't know what a sibling bond is like, but I couldn't imagine allowing anyone in my life, no matter how close, treat him in a similar fashion.
family drama
A wise friend once told me that if you pick your kid up from school at the end of the day and he isn’t absolutely filthy, he didn’t have any fun. I have personally found this to be true.
I first learned my Dad's birthday when he sent me a request on Facebook.
family drama
Sexual abuse happens to a lot of children -- we’re talking one in four girls and one in six boys. Are a quarter of your girlfriends murderers?
Ultimately all human life is fragile, but the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis show us that the lives of black boys can be disproportionately ephemeral.
The plan was to survive with only a tent, a couple hundred dollars and the contents of my bag.
My brother is incarcerated, charged with manslaughter. And it's my fault.
cyber stalking
The other day I logged into LinkedIn to find that my father had endorsed me in not one, but five skills. He thinks I’m a great blogger, by the way.
Wait, when she was my age, she was already engaged and had a down payment on her venue? I can barely remember to pack myself a sandwich for work.
family drama
Queen Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, at least deserves a fist bump. When I roll up to the school, other parents automatically assume Tiger Mom is in the house.
family drama
When in doubt, ask yourself if Lauren Hutton would wear it. If not, don’t put it on. (He loved Lauren Hutton.)
family drama
I have no family, and I am happier then I have ever been in my life.
I never expected to go home with him for the holidays this year, nor did I expect any of our kisses to begin with Kay. But as much as I’ve seen photos of his family members and know their names, I did kind of expect that at least one of them might come to know mine.
mental illness
I said yes, I can let you go. But I asked her for three conditions.
I am calling for an end to the kind of belittling situationally-poor people are subject to, because the struggle -- even though it doesn’t begin at birth -- is very real and trivializing it only serves to pull down a sinking person further.
the good men project
You wouldn’t expect an eating disorder to bond a hurting family, but Julia Newman’s family has learned how to thrive because of the work they’ve all done.