The way you treat and prep your skin makes all the difference. It's just like putting on an outfit: if your bra doesn't fit and your knickers pinch you, you'll be uncomfortable in even the cutest dress.
It’s like that Josh Hartnett movie "30 Days of Night" but, like, with my face.
sensitive skin
I’ve had to learn the hard way that avoiding bad summer skin is all about taking preventative measures BEFORE the heat takes a toll on your complexion.
I want to tell you about some pumpkin products that are not only beneficial for your skin, but smell great, too. Obviously.
things that make me happy
I’ve decided to ignore the mounting chaos in my messy apartment and adopt a mode of deep serenity. At least in regard to my makeup and wardrobe choices. Let's shop until we reach our happy place, people!
Last night I took to Twitter and asked you guys to be my editor.
The one product that you will never find me without is a trusty exfoliator.