Only recently have I started to see exercise as something other than punishment for not having a “perfect” body.
Doing jumping jacks in the restroom is all well and good, until someone catches you and people begin to question why you aren’t at your desk when they need you.
By the time "Time of My Life" came on, the room pretty much felt like a 7th grade dance with small groups dancing together in circles around the room, cheering with whoops and cat calls -- only mindful, accepting, yogi cat calls.
If all he’s ever cared about is whether I’m happy or not, why should I not extend him the same consideration?
A man once came up to me on the street just to tell me that I was too fat for the dress that I was wearing.
At 45, there are some things I can’t do anymore, but my modified workouts make me feel freaking fantastic.
This wasn't written about me (so far as I know). But as someone who's received a lot of this type of workout "encouragement" over the years, I have a response anyway.
you are the advice columnist
I'm torn between thinking "if she likes me now because I look good, what if that's all that really makes her want to be more than friends?" and "I worked damn hard to get in shape! Isn't this one of the reasons why?"
People come to a group fitness class so that someone else will force them to make an effort. As it turns out, the quickest and laziest route to that is food-shaming (which I refused to do).
"Gymtimidation" may be the most irritating buzzword I can think of, but the phenomenon is real.
No matter how many times my best friend or girlfriend or aunts say they'd like to be more active or lose weight or start exercising again, I know that putting an ab cruncher under the tree is going to earn me some looks.
body acceptance
I'm not a tomboy and martial arts don't belong to the boys of the world. I am myself and I am a woman and these are the things I like to do, which makes them, in the context of my own life, mine and utterly mine.

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fitness trackers
Does it really matter if your fitness tracker over-counts your steps during a given day?
If you’ve ever had your ugly-runner’s-face documented, you understand my plight.

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The hardcore workout venue is now offering classes for children. Some experts say it helps fight obesity and promotes healthy habits, but others think it's ridiculous.
I know this is temporary. But here's what I'm doing to help my brain in the meantime.
See, I love spinning. But my vagina? Hates it.

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It didn’t take long for me to adapt to life on the trail. I loved hiking up mountains, building fires, and meeting new people every day. I didn’t totally mind having dirt smeared on my face, or only getting to shower about once a week.