Because why not? They might make their dollars largely with their bodies, but the brain IS the biggest sex organ.
audio porn
There's something about my voice that lends itself to dirty book narration --- or maybe it's just because I'm not afraid to say filthy things with conviction.
My books help prove the point that “feminism” and “erotica” aren't mutually exclusive terms. But how can I make people realize that the feminism in my books is, well, FUN, not to mention sexy?
I leaned against the counter and took in all that giant schlong until I became aware of the fact that I was seriously aroused in public. Like, people could see me.

Jun 19, 2013 at 6:00pm | 58 comments

dumb things that entertain me
For some reason, I just discovered that the Google Docs demo gives the impression that six famous authors are collaborating with you on your masterwork. Naturally, I used it for NC-17 rated purposes.
50 shades of grey
I write porn. But I'm not into giving classic novels a "sexy makeover" in the style of "50 Shades of Grey."