las vegas
If you're going to survive an indulgent weekend in Vegas, there are a few key tricks, including making the most of your day without exhausting yourself. I know, life is SO rough.
kim kardashian
comic books
If you’re not threatened with rape, you’re told you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough, you’re not welcome here.
Sometimes the true story is even creepier than the movie.
the biggest loser
“The Biggest Loser” is just one of the constant commercial reminders of what our bodies are and what they’re expected to be.
anita hill
She still has the blue dress, but she's long since moved past the 1991 hearings.
lupita nyong'o
I'm well poised to notice the changes in tone and pitch when white people issue praise regarding a black celebrity’s physical features.
underage girls
Our cultural canon is built on the backs of young girls.
Some of you are probably thinking to yourself right now that women’s knees are largely ignored. To which I can only say, “Clearly, you have nice knees.”
For my friends, methamphetamine is a plot device, a prop in a show. For me it has been the very real possibility that my brother would burn our house down while we slept.
Growing up Asian American, I could count the number of Indians on television on one hand. The Simpsons’ Apu was one of them.
Maybe, I reasoned, it was high time the show featured a Bloated, Knocked-Up Bride Who Does Not Give a Damn.
This album is widely successful because it makes women feel good about themselves. I can see how that might be confusing for some.
My books help prove the point that “feminism” and “erotica” aren't mutually exclusive terms. But how can I make people realize that the feminism in my books is, well, FUN, not to mention sexy?
Many critics are very deeply concerned about Rebel Wilson's fat jokes, but probably not for the right reasons.
I’m tired of not seeing faces like mine in my comics. I’m sick of the notion that a black female character is a rare treat, a special occasion.
Who wants to be cool? I'll be over here crocheting and watching Antiques Roadshow.
Do you ever look back at your college years and wish you could just give yourself one piece of advice?