She’s not the only young woman speaking out about birth control, body image, and a host of other issues that affect teens, and yet she’s constantly hearing the message that there are no young feminists, and no politically engaged youth.
Sorry, anti-choicers, but you’re gonna have to pony up for EC for those that want and need it.
day after pill
The fact is that these medications don’t increase the rate of sexual activity at a statistically significant rate, but who cares if they did?
birth control
I had my tubes tied because I never want to have kids, and because I don't want to worry that the political tides will shift against my child-free favor.
birth control
birth control
If you’re 90 and you need a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections or you’re 13 and you need the pill, I want you to be able to access those things easily and without shame.