My daughter's friends don't believe her when she tells them, "Daddy lives in a dumpster."
When we view college as the only route out of poverty and as the only way of overcoming racial, class, and gender barriers, we are making it harder for everyone to find the path to success that will most work for them.

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My degree left me with emotional damage and an unflattering case of cynicism about the American education system -- and other awkward observations from four years in Boston.
The hyperfocus on what girls are wearing with a healthy heaping of judgment sends precisely the opposite message, underscoring that girls should be constantly concerned about what they are wearing and who might be judging them for it.
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Because feeder schools are successful at getting students into top-tier schools at the next level, many parents seek out these schools as a method of increasing their child’s chances of getting in. When it comes to highly competitive private schools, feeder schools are well known by both parents and school administrators.
At the end of my first semester, when a consistently absent male student who hadn’t done a lick of work over the last fifteen weeks marched into my chair’s office with his parents to complain about his bad grade, I took it personally. Like, I cried.
While it’s cool to know that being bilingual has scads of smarty-pants benefits, the study overlooks many other things that are awesome about knowing more than one language. But don’t worry -- I’m here to help with five more!
Three days into my very first job as a preschool teacher, I found myself huddled by a park bench near where I worked, crying my eyes out.

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I was placed in Special Ed, because that’s what people do with you when they can’t figure you out.
Oddly enough, the best place for youth is not the prison system.
The problem here wasn’t with the makeup, but with who was wearing it.
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But I feel that, even though there's always rainy days, a higher education should be something exciting, right?
Unschooling is a contact sport! We spend time together, exploring our interests, as opposed to dictating our daughters’ interests.
And I don’t mean: “I took time off to have a family, run a corporation and now I am back.” I mean: “ I have been doing nothing but school since I was 3 years old.”
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Apparently almost everyone who was there has a much better memory of a drunken me cussing someone out in French than I do.
vagina vagina vagina
No matter how many euphemisms he cloaked it in, it still would have been viewed as unacceptable for him to teach his students about reproductive anatomy, and worse, to talk about orgasms.
I don't know that I want to live in a world where kids can't occasionally blow stuff up by accident in chemistry experiments. And not get charged with a felony for doing it.

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It was just one of those things that I knew I'd regret not doing on my deathbed. (Now, if I live to reach grandma status, my grandkids will know I used to explain to people the pros and cons of all the different types of dildos!)
Telling women they need smaller bazongas if they want to avoid bullying is feeding into a larger and really gross culture about women and bodies.
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Of course California would wait until the minute I've left the state for the opposite side of the country to pass a recordbreaking law and get it officially signed by the Governor.
trans issues
Given the rising number of discussions about bullying and how to fight it in schools, it’s particularly shameful that the people at fault for the bullying of transgender students in elementary school are often adults.